How to Make Hostel Fee Payment?

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March 25, 2017
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March 25, 2017
Hostel Fee Payment

In hostel module the admin or the privileged member (guardian) can make the fee payment by following te steps given below:

Go to Hostel module<Hostel Fee Collection,

  • Select the user type,
  • Enter the name of the user(employee),
  • Then click Go
  • The payment details will be displayed, select the fee type and mode of payment, the amount of the fee will be automatically generated,
  • For instant receipt generation put a tick mark in the corresponding box,
  • Then click make payment button.

See the below figure for more:

Hostel Fee Collection

For paid details and generation of receipt for after use:

Click the Paid list

  • to get the paid details
  • to generate the receipt

See the below figure:

Hostel Fee Collection 2

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