How to Allocate Fee to Different Courses and Batches?

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March 24, 2017
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March 25, 2017

There are two ways to allocate fee to different courses and batches,

To add individual and bulk fee details of the student(s) firstly the course,batch, fee category and fee sub category has to be created.

To allocate fee:-

  1. Go to Finance module<Fees<Fee Allocation.
  2. In Fee Allocation, select fee category, fee sub category and the user type(for example: fee for ‘student in a batch’)

Fee allocation

4. The saved details will be available in the Fee List

Fee list

To allocate fee to a bulk of students:-

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the “Fee allocation import”
  • Download the excel file(fee allocation excel format)

Fee allocation import

  •  Add the details of the fee allocation as per the format provided in the downloaded excel file.  (Note: Use the keywords provided in the Employee import page)

Fee allocation keywords


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