How can I Generate Different Kinds of Certificates to Students?

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March 24, 2017
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March 25, 2017

Go to Academic module<Certifications, where you can:

  • Create certificate type,
  • Customize the certificate and,
  • Generate the certificate

 To create certificate type:

Certificate typeIn this page you can create type of the certificate, for example: Transfer certificate etc.

To customize certificate:

To customize the certificate first you have to create the template by selecting the certificate type, uploading the logo, institution details and adding certificate heading,

Custom certificate

In the second half of the page there is a text editor where you can customize the certificate.

Text editor

In the Template list, you can view, manage and delete the created and customized certificates.

Template list

Generate certificate:

Here, you can generate the created and customized certificate.

  • Add the certificate type
  • Select the Certificate template
  • Select the usertype
  • Add start and end year
  • Date of issue
  • The list of students/employees will be displayed
  • From the list the certificate can be viewed and issued.

Generate certificate

For issuing the certificate you have to click the issue certificate tab as shown in the above picture.

Issue certificate list:

The issued certificate can be viewed and can be printed from the Issue Certificate List.

Issue certificate list

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